MARCH LA.B’s image advances without complexes, settled, defending French elegance through a plethora of intensions. From the door handle to the drawer continuity, from the iroko wood floor to the rosewood carpentry, the almost kinetic rhythm of colors and fabrics fills the space with good vibrations, interrupted here and there by brushed and ribbed brass nests. On 47 Lexington, the other motto is that everything was designed, not industrialized. Celebrating gestural craftsmanship, refinement and humility associated with French savoir-faire, obsession with the finest details can even be found within the drawers, designed like control panels, clothed with perforated leather. From references to hints, MARCH LA.B London takes advantage of its advancement in Albion to promote its unmistakably Seventies signature. A new chapter now appears to be open for the brand. A chapter with a touch of 007, 100% French non the less.