Clémentine Giaconia and Frédéric Forest base their design studio in 2008.
Their complementarity is absolute. He is a designer, she is an interior designer. Together, they sign projects where object and space form a whole, in a coherent and obvious lines of materials. Within the territory of free expression, they cross their experiences and inspirations, and incorporate a double-wide thinking in all their projects: each piece of furniture, each fixture must register in living space; jewelry, watch, should be worn. Their creative ambition is the result of an overall artistic approach. Clémentine and Frédéric draw four hands. ese fashion designers in their studios, they belch all the beauty of an object from the elegance of line, demanding the mastery of a material, the expertise of artisans and industrial accompanying them.

In parallel Clémentine Giaconia and Frédéric Forest collaborating for several years with great houses of French and international luxury to create large projects. Through their journey, they control all the expression of a brand territories. For this transversal approach, they define artistic directions to measure, and could retain large houses with their expertise, creative audacity, and their sense of discretion.

Also in feeding devices creative fields of architecture and design that Clémentine Giaconia and Frédéric Forest imagine their projects. Photography, fashion, art, food, music, materials, typography, dance, poetry, color, light … « This allows us to perceive new emotions, and offer untold stories, whatever the scale of the project. «Project cravings supply concrete subjects. Each project is an answer to a given question. Whether it is real or virtual, what matters is that the response corresponds to a reality. «Creativity is cultivated, it matures with curiosity and practice. It must be constantly nourished.»

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